♥♥cHiCkY's fReNds AcTiViTiEs♥♥

So come and be a part of the fun with the new friends in a host of entertainment and games in store!

is a lively, cheerful and talkative person. He loves outdoor activities and dancing. Not only that, he does great magic tricks!

is a loving and gentle girl. She likes to read, sing, help people and lend a hand in any social causes.

is sleek and intelligently crafty. He builds and collects cool toys, speaks many languages and loves music. Slyde loves hanging out with cool kids too.

loves plants and has a great deal of knowledge about them. She's fun, cute, caring and can't wait for you to join her in all her activities in the garden!

is amazingly intelligent guy. He loves reading and is always trying out exciting science experiments.