♥♥ThE cHicKy St0rY♥♥

I could just feel it in my feathers. Something exciting was going to happen! As I floated from the sky (with a little help from my fluffy white wings and a lot of help from a big red balloon) I knew I was about to make a perfectly–timed touchdown…

KERPLOP! With a big thump, I landed right in the middle of a playground. A group of children suddenly stopped bouncing their sports balls, and twirling on skates, and singing silly songs and looked up at me. Me, in my striped, super powered, high speed Bucketship with the red balloon on top.

One by one, they put down their playthings and came over to take a closer look. And I knew right then that these were more than ordinary, everyday children. These were friends.

I was born Eggington Beakmore Wingtip the Third, but my friends just call me Chicky. Or when I eat one too many jellybeans, you can call me Sticky. Or when it comes to the most incredible lunch, munch or dinner, you can call me Picky. But since you’re my newest friend, it’s Chicky to you, too! (Truth is, if you’re a kid, you’re automatically qualified as a “FOC” That’s Friend Of Chicky!)

Allow me to describe myself: I am 7 ½ egg luck years old (in hatch time, that is), and I love pretending, reading comic books, laughing with friends, dancing and playing sports. Sometimes, all at the same time!

Well, it didn’t take long for these new friends to find out Chicky was an expert at something every kid everywhere loves most - fun!

The best thing about fun is, fun is easy. Fun doesn’t take a lot of practice. It doesn’t cost anything at all, and it’s for everyone: if you want it, you can have it! All you need to have fun is an imagination and a smile.

When I see friends who could use a little bit of Chicky cheer, I’m there in the time it takes to say “Cock-a-doodle-doo” to do whatever they love most. I love to excite their imagination and bring a smile.
Today, it was a little girl standing alone with a sad little frown on her face. “She’s too small to ride the slide,” said her brother, giggling.

Why, that was all Chicky needed to hear! In the flash of a feather, I found a few pieces of this, and a little bit of that, and added a pinch of imagination. And before you could say, “Eleven Secret Herbs and Spices,” I had created a crazy, colourful playground slide, sized just for her. Yes, it was as slippery and silly as any big-kid slide, but not at all as tall and scary. As you can imagine, we were both delighted after an afternoon of climbing up and gliding down on my new creation!

Now this should have been enough fun for one day. But not for your friend Chicky! Chicky never gets tired of having fun! I also told silly stories from a magical storybook where all the characters came to life. And when the sky turned grey, I flew my Bucketship way up high, and had a long conversation with the rain clouds (“It’s the sun’s turn to play today.” I explained.) Why, I even turned myself into a famous rock musician. I played the drumsticks, of course. And all of my new friends jumped to their feet and danced the day away.

Of course, all this adventure helped to work up a hunger for tasty treats, so I invited my new pals into my Bucketship with the big red balloon. “All aboard, everyone!” I gave the rope that was attached to a tree a little snip, and away we went! Sailing through the sky, we waved up to the birds and down to the buildings below us. Destination, my favourite hangout place - KFC.

Sure, it’s not easy, being cute, magical, and talented, but your pal Chicky was just hatched to have fun! And everyone knows fun is best when you can share it with friends, so why not come by my favourite hangout place, KFC, for a great time?

It shouldn’t be hard to recognize me. I’ll be the one whose shoes are as big as my smile…

0 PeMb@C@ KiTeR...: